Saturday, September 7, 2013

Five For Friday

A bit late, but I thought I'd give Five For Friday a whirl. 

1.  We created a landscape this week!  Mr Printables has a paper landscape available for free on his website.  There are several papers with rocks, water, or trees that you can print and then fold, rip, or glue together to make the landscape.  Ginny and I made this landscape and added some critters that we drew on white paper.

Jack decided it was a good map for a war game.  So he created some dudes, like ninjas and knights, and we had an epic battle!  Ginny won!

2.   We found an amazing caterpillar on our back gate!  This guy is a white-marked tussock moth (or will be when he grows up!)  There was also a cool cocoon hanging on the fence.

3.  Jack created an Orcish Cannon out of Lego and posted his masterpiece over on our Lego blog, Brick Blitz.  He's got a picture tutorial on how to build that!

4.  Our first week back at homeschool was successful.  Successful, but not without some whining.  Jack always has a hard time getting back to it after a long vacation.  (Which is why we usually keep them short!)  We had one fun math problem that I thought I would share.

"One owl hoots every 3 hours, a second owl hoots every 8 hours, and a third owl hoots every 12 hours.  If they all hoot together at the start, how many times during the next 80 hours will just two of the owls hoot together?"

We totally conquered that problem.  Finding least common multiples makes the task very easy!  (love this math program!)

5.  And finally, I have uploaded my newest Latin puzzle pack to my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  It is All About Battles.  Some of the puzzles were a little tricky for Ginny, but Jack thought they were all too easy.  Just 2 years between them really makes a difference sometimes!

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