Monday, August 5, 2013

Cub Corner Set 9

A new Cub Corner Puzzle pack is ready!  This pack has a banana theme.  In it you will find a maze, a missing letters puzzle, and a cross out puzzle.  These puzzles were designed with grade 1-3 students in mind.  Just click on the picture above and you can download the puzzles from Google Drive.

Things are a bit on hold around here.  We are in the middle of a move and currently living in a one room hotel (2 parents, 2 kids, 2 cats)!  It is very squishy, but in 10 days our house will be ready for us to move in.  We are counting down!  Our new house looks very nice, so should be worth the wait.

Even so, I'm still working on Latin puzzles, more skip counting mazes and some upcoming holiday stuff too!  And I did get a copy of Laser Maze for my birthday, so I will post more about that awesome logic puzzle later!

Hope everyone is well and ready for back-to-school!

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