Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Latin Puzzles for First Year Students

Latin Language Puzzles - Noun Bundle #1

Over the summer, I give my kids some school work to do.  I like them to have something constructive to do, and it keeps them off the streets!  Seriously though, many of the kids that live on our block sleep in late through the summer, but my kids are always awake by 7am.  So it does give them something to do while they wait for everyone else to wake up!  This summer we are practicing math, reading some fun books, and reviewing Latin vocabulary as our morning work.  It seems like languages and math just sneak out of their brains over the summer months!

To practice our Latin vocab from this past year, I have been creating puzzles.  I've tried to group the words by theme and have the kids practice each grouping for one whole week.  So far, I have created practice puzzles for animals, people, houses, towns, and nature.  Each theme has from 10 to 12 words to practice and 5 puzzles.  So they get a new puzzle each day of the week, in the hopes that it will remind them of their old vocabulary and help cement it in their brains!

This week the kids are working on colors.  I also have some numbers puzzles in the works and plans for battles and oceans!  We're going to be taking the next couple weeks off though.  The packers come next week and the week after we will be hoping for some housing in Ft Gordon, GA.  After we get all that figured out, I plan to get the kids back to Latin practice through puzzles!

If you're interested in some extra Latin practice for your students or children, you can find all my Latin puzzles at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  And here's a puzzle you can download from Google Drive to try out for free!  Just click on the picture below.  You do need to know your Latin animals.  (Hint: 1 across is a beast!)


Anonymous said...

Oh, one of my sons will be studying an Intro to Latin class this year. He is so worried about it. I tried to tell him that being bilingual already is going to give him a head-start that most of us don't have! I am going to go look at your Latin puzzles. Sounds like a great set of resources to have on hand. Besides, BTS has to be coming soon, right?!

Oh as for LEGO, not sure your son's age, but maybe they will work together some day! I hope they both reach this dream!

Les Vrolyk said...

Being bilingual will be a total bonus for him! Especially if it is one of the Latin-based languages. I am not bilingual, but have lived in Italy and Panama, and there are so many similar words. And studying Latin grammar can be a struggle, but the vocab is fun and first years don't usually get too involved in the grammar, so maybe he will like it!

My son is 12. He is totally looking forward to working with your son at Lego!