Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fundraiser for Moore Oklahoma Disaster

The generous teachers at Teachers Pay Teachers have put together an amazing fundraiser to help support relief efforts in Moore, Oklahoma.  As you probably know, Moore was hit by a horrendous tornado on Monday, May 20th.  Twenty-four people lost their lives, including 10 children.  When little ones die, it just breaks my heart.

Two years ago, my children and I sat huddled in our bathroom while a tornado ravaged our neighborhood.  The tornado missed us, but the damage started two doors down from our home.  My husband was in Iraq at the time, and it was almost more than I could process or deal with on my own.  Six homes on our circle were flattened and as of today, only one has been rebuilt.  It takes so long to fully recover from these disasters, both emotionally and physically.  And it really hits home how things can be going along just fine one day, and then the next day disaster strikes and you loose your home, everything you own, parts of your town, and maybe even your family members.  Life is terribly fragile.

There are four bundles included in this fundraiser, two for grades K-2 and two for grades 3-6.  Check them out at the links below.  Each bundle includes some amazing resources for teachers, parents and homeschoolers alike!  You could stock up for next year's classroom, use these to help keep your kids' minds fresh and active over the summer, or use them as activities and lessons in your homeschools.

I was too late to donate to these fabulous bundles, as were many of the other teachers at TpT (there were just SO many people wanting to donate!).  So they decided to do a coordinated sale on Memorial Day Monday and donate all the profits from their individual stores to the Red Cross efforts in Moore Oklahoma.  I've decided to join in that effort too!  So on Monday, my entire store will be 10% off and all the purchases made that day will be donated to the Red Cross.  If you have any puzzling needs, Monday will be the day to make those purchases.  You'll get a discount and help others at the same time!  Here's a link to my store...

There is a blog hop for teachers joining this sale.  You can see all their smiling faces below!  Also check out Donna's blog "Math Coach's Corner" for more information on the blog hop and how you can join.

Thanks in advance for your donations!

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