Saturday, March 30, 2013

New This Week

I have a new freebie set ready this week!  This set has three puzzles all about bunnies!  Not quite in time for Easter, but it's generic enough for any time of the year.  One puzzle is a maze in which solvers have to help the mommy bunny gather up her baby bunnies from around the garden.  Another puzzle teaches students about bunny related words while they find them in a word search.  And the last puzzle challenges students to help a bunny across a river to find her pile of veggies!  This puzzle is a new puzzle for me, and I'm excited about it!  The solvers has to follow a pattern of shapes, hopping along each shape 'stepping stone', to get to the other side.  My kids and I enjoyed doing these!  (You can find more of these puzzles in my All About Shapes puzzle pack too!)

All About Shapes is available in my TpT store for $4.00 and contains 20 puzzles for young solvers.  These puzzles are geared towards kindergarteners and first graders, but pre-schoolers should be able to handle many of these puzzles with help from their parents.  This pack contains 3 dot-to-dots, 3 river crossings, 3 mazes, 3 word searches, 4 coloring pages, 2 counting riddles, a sudoku, and a crossword!  It's packed with fun ways to practice shape recognition and even learn some new shapes!

You can download the Cub Corner or purchase All About Shapes at my TpT store!

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