Saturday, March 23, 2013

Geometry Puzzles for High School Students

My first puzzle pack geared towards the high school level has been released!  These puzzles were designed as a fun way to review key concepts and terms in geometry with a focus on triangles and circles.  There are two new types of puzzles in this pack, Syllable Search and Missing Thirds.  Syllable Search has students find the answer to geometry questions using a box of syllables.  If they are unsure about an answer, they can check the remaining syllables in the box for clues.  Missing Thirds is a puzzle with a list of terms with 3 missing letters each and a list of 3 letter words.  Students must decide which 3 letter word finishes each incomplete geometry term.  This geometry puzzle pack is filled with intriguing word games that will sharpen those geometry vocabulary skills!

Included in this PDF:
Circle Crossword - reviews basic circle terms
Grid Fill Ins - triangles, circles, polygons
Long Letters - all about shapes
Geometry Riddle Link - focus on key numbers in geometry
Geometry Scramble - word scramble
Missing Thirds - word puzzle
Geometry Sudoku - alpha type sudoku
Syllable Search - more practice with vocabulary
Triangle Crossword - reviews basic triangle terms
Geometry Trivia - trivia questions with a riddle
Geometry Word Search - search for geometry terms and find a hidden history fact about geometry
Geometry Words In Words - word puzzle
Geometry Categories - word puzzle
Answer Keys

Just click on the cover art at the top, and you will be taken to my Teachers Pay Teachers store where you can purchase these puzzles for only $3.00!  Below are some previews of several puzzles.


Stacey Colegrove said...

I love how you incorporate fun games into math studies! The Learning Lab

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