Friday, March 1, 2013

Fun Friday Set 5

Fun Friday Set 5 is now available!  This freebie contains 3 puzzles.  The first one is a giant word search full of different types of apples.  Students will be astonished to learn that there are around 7500 apple varieties in the world!  (I was!)  The next two puzzles are on one page.  There is a Crypto-Family where students must decrypt a list of things found in the Solar System.  They will not only test their word skills, but also their knowledge of the universe!  The last puzzle is called Word Circles and contains words hidden inside...wait for it...circles!  It is up to the student to figure out where the words start and whether to go clockwise or counter-clockwise to find the hidden words.

My two smarty-pants kids loved the Word Circles.  Probably because it was the easiest puzzle in this pack!  The Crypto-Family gave them some trouble, but between us, we tweaked things to keep it on a 4th-6th grade level.  We added a couple of pictorial hints to help things along too!  They always seem to enjoy the word searches.  I hope your students enjoy solving these puzzles!

Included in the PDF:
Apples Word Search - a giant word search filled with the names of 25 types of apples and a bonus hidden apple
Crypto Family - an encrypted list of things "In the Solar System"
Word Circles - words hidden in a circle, all things found in cans
Answer Key

Clicking on the cover art below will take you to TpT ( where you can download the freebie!

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