Monday, February 25, 2013

Turtle Puzzles for Young Solvers

And my turtle puzzle pack is complete!  This pack contains 20+ puzzles for solvers around grades K-3.  I've separated the puzzles into two sections, one for easier puzzles and one for harder puzzles.  There is also a bonus section with a matching game.  There are 8 different types of turtles which can be printed up as trading cards or the matching game.  Information about the turtles can be printed on the backs of the cards.  My kids were very excited about the trading cards and made sure they each had all 8 cards!

The set contains the standard puzzles, crosswords, word searches, mazes, etc.  There are also 2 dot-to-dots, one easy and one harder.  This was my first attempt at a dot-to-dot puzzle, so I'm hoping they turned out ok!  Also included are scute matching puzzles, which I think are a lot of fun!

Students completing these puzzles will learn all about turtles...body parts, habits, and trivia.  Several puzzles are themed around "green things".  There are also a couple of puzzles that deal with different species of turtles and fun information about them.  These puzzles would be perfect for a unit about turtles or reptiles.  And turtle lovers will totally enjoy them too!

This PDF includes:
Turtle Mystery Grids 1 - math puzzle with hints
Turtle Cross Out - follow directions to reveal a fact about turtles
Turtle Color-By-Number - addition
Turtle Color-By-Number - subtraction
Turtle Dot-to-Dot - numbers and letters
Turtle Maze 1
Turtle Maze 2
Turtle Picto-Crossword
Turtle Picto-Sudoku
Scute Number Match - number recognition and trivia
Scute Letter Match - letter recognition and riddles
Word Scramble - unscramble words to reveal a hidden word
Turtle Acrostic - 2 clued puzzles with turtle trivia
Turtle Alpha-Sudoku - 2 puzzles
Green Things Crossword
Turtle Dot-to-Dot
Turtle Species Fill In
Turtle Species Info Sheet - to accompany the Turtle Species Fill In puzzle
Turtle Mystery Grids 2 - 2 math puzzles
Green Things Hidden Word - use clues to find the hidden word
Turtle Word Search
Turtle Words In Words

You can also find 3 additional turtle puzzles in my Cub Corner Set 2 which is available as a free download at Teacher Pay Teachers.

You can click on the cover art below to buy the puzzle pack at Teachers Pay Teachers for $4.00.

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