Monday, February 18, 2013

Presidents' Day and an Abe Lincoln Puzzle Pack

February 18th, 2013 is Presidents' Day!  Both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln had birthdays in February.  In honor of this occasion, I have created a puzzle pack all about Abraham Lincoln.  (Maybe next year I'll do Washington :-)  There are 10 pages of puzzles in this set, which was designed for solvers in the first to third grades.

Included in this PDF:
Abe's Word Search - facts about Lincoln's life
Abe's Word Cross Out - trivia about his hat!
Abe's Crypto-Quotes - addition & subtraction practice with quotes from Lincoln
Abe's Stovepipe Hat Maze
Abe's Kentucky Home Maze
Abe's Monument Trivia
Abe's Penny Puzzler - adding pennies practice
Abe's Hidden Word - more trivia about Lincoln
Abe's Kentucky Home Word Search - trivia about Kentucky
Abe's Words In Words
Answer Key

If you click on the cover art, you will be taken to my store where you can purchase this pack for just $2.00!  And below that are a couple previews of the puzzles for you to peruse.

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