Monday, March 12, 2018

Limerick Letter Falls

 The Puzzle Den - Limerick Letter Falls #1

In the spirit of St Patrick's Day, I've written some Limerick Letter Falls for you to try to solve.  Ginny does not like these!  They give her fits and starts.  But I enjoy solving them.  So I'm thinking they might be best for older kids, like teens and adults.  You do have to think about word formation, the subject of the poem, the format of a limerick, and other clues to really be able to solve these.  That just might be too many things for younger kids to keep in their minds or want to think about.  Puzzle lovers will enjoy tying all the clues together though!

Just click on the picture above, or here, to download the puzzle and the answer key.

Also note, I wrote the limericks myself, so there is no guarantee that they are any limericks I mean.  They are very clean and kid friendly.

I hope you enjoy these, and if you do like them and want more....I've written some other bad limericks that I can also post!

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

New Puzzles Added to St Patrick's Day Sets

 The Puzzle Den - St Patrick's Day puzzles for grades 1-3

St Patrick's Day is right around the corner!  And to get in the spirit I have been writing some new puzzles to add to my old St Patrick's Day Sets in my store. 

The Lower Elementary Set (grades 1-3) got some Mini Dot to Dots, a Pixel Art, a Double Trouble, a second Hidden Word, and a Rebuses puzzler.

 The Puzzle Den - St Patrick's Day puzzles for grades 4-6

The Upper Elementary Set (grades 4-6) got a Pixel Art, a Double Trouble, a Hidden Words, an Acrostic, and a maze of Ireland!

Now each pack comes with 15 puzzles of various difficulty levels, which gives teachers more flexibility. 

 The Puzzle Den - St Patrick's Day BUNDLE for grades 1-6

I also have a bundle of the two (a 20% savings compared to buying them separately) for those who need 30 puzzles to choose from!

Hope your St Patrick's Day is totally GREEN!

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Spanish Pets Matching Game

 The Puzzle Den - Free Spanish Pets Matching Game

I've been working on a lot of Spanish language puzzles for my TpT store lately.  For the Pets pack I created a bonus matching game that is included in the puzzle set, and I thought I would share that on the blog too!  You can download the cards by clicking on the above picture or here.

The clip art for the game is from Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah Designs.  She makes awesome clip art and I couldn't do this puzzle thing without her amazing designs!

For each pair of matching cards, you will find one in English and one in Spanish.  The pictures help kids visualize the matches better, but you should encourage them to read the words out loud as they turn them over so they get more practice with the Spanish words. 

Each card has a front...

And a back.  You will have to print them out, cut them, and then paste them together.  Glue stick would work, but I prefer double-sided tape.  You could also skip putting a back on them to save paper, but the cards are see-though even printed on cardstock. 

Once everything is assembled, shuffle the cards and lay them out in a nice grid.  I'm sure everyone is familiar with the rules for matching games, but I will review, just in case.  Players take turns flipping over two cards.  (This is where players should read out each card's name as they flip them.)  If a player finds a match, he or she keeps those two cards and gets another turn.  If no match is found, the cards are turned back over and the next player gets a turn.  Whoever has the most matches at the end of the game wins!

Just remember that for this particular game of macthing, the two cards that match will have the same picture, but one will be in English and one will be in Spanish. 

Ginny and I played a round to test it out.  We got a little confused by the fact that the kitten and cat were not a match!  I mean, there are two cats pictured right?!  Shouldn't they match?  Nope.  One is "el gato", or a cat, and one is a kitten.  You can also use the colors at the top of the cards to confirm a match.  But be aware that some of the cards might have similar colored tops.  For example, rabbit and mouse are both gray at the top.

You can also use these cards as flash cards for more language practice!

I hope you enjoy this game with your little language learners!

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Free Valentine's Day Acrostic Puzzle

 The Puzzle Den - Valentine's Day Acrostic Free Puzzle

And one more new puzzle to celebrate Valentine's Day for 2018!

This puzzle is an acrostic.  First you must find answers to the clues at the top of the page.  Then you use the numbers under each letter of your answers to fill in the letters of the quote at the bottom of the page.  You can work back and forth between the quote and the clues.  The clues also have some overlap with repeated letters for extra hints when needed.  The pictures also provide hints!

Acrostics are one of the puzzles that I included in my new Valentine's Day mini-books at my TpT store.  I made one too many, and I didn't want it to go to waste, so it became a free puzzle for the blog!  This puzzle was originally designed for upper elementary level students.

Click on the picture at the top to download the puzzle, and click here to download the answers if you need them.

XXX's and OOO's

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Free Bonbon Flavors Fill In Puzzle for Valentine's Day

 The Puzzle Den - Bonbon Flavors Fill In Puzzle

Here's a puzzle that will make you want to drool!  This Bonbon Flavors Fill In is filled with the yummy names of the chocolates that you might find in a Valentine's chocolate box.  And they all sound so delicious!!!

There are two versions for you to download.  The one shown above (click on it to download) is the easier version.  The letters on the intersections of words are shown as hints.

 The Puzzle Den - Bonbon Flavors Fill In - No Hints

And this one contains no hints.  This version would be appropriate for older kids and even adults!  Just beware - if you solve this puzzle, you might find yourself at the store eyeing the chocolate heart boxes!

The word lists come on a separate sheet of paper, so there are two pages for this puzzle.  Each pdf download also includes an answer key.

I stumbled on a lot of these delicious varieties while doing research for puzzles in my Valentine's Mini-Books sets for my store.  Many of these awesome names were just too long to fit in a mini-book puzzle.  But they were just too delicious to ignore, thus a new free puzzle for the blog was born!  Who can resist such names as Cashew Cayenne, Brown Butter, and Cappuccino Cinnamon?  (These are all alliterations too...does that make them sound yuumier??!!) 

So hungry....

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Stargazing Dot-to-Dot book

 The Puzzle Den - Stargazing Dot-to-Dot review

Ginny and I found this Dot-to-Dot book at Barnes & Noble last week, and it is awesome!  It's called the "Stargazing Dot-to-Dot" book and was on the bargain bin.  I'm not sure that $8 is really a bargain, but this really is a cool concept for a dot-to-dot book!

There are two pages of "How to use this book" instructions, which are rather important to read.  There are many tips and tricks included.

 Gelly Roll Pens

The pages are all dark blue, so they recommend using metallic pens or gel pens.  We tried our one metallic sharpie, but the tip was too wide.  We also tried a white chalk pencil, but that just rubbed off.  We even tried some glitter pens, but they were too dark.  Finally, I remembered that I had a Gelly Roll pen in white and that worked wonders!  I totally recommend this pen if you are considering getting this book.

On the picture above, you can see where we tried out some of the different pens on the tail of the bird.  The gelly roll pen really stands out against this background, so it is our pen of choice.  We even found them at AC Moore yesterday and bought a second white one so we didn't have to share!

The page above shows a right side page.  Generally, the right side pages contain "fantasy" constellations.  These don't actually exist in our night sky, but they are totally beautiful all the same.

The pictures on the left side of the pages are real constellations.  For these, there are actually two dot-to-dots to complete.  The first set is formed by connecting the colorful dots (which are actually all stars, so maybe it should be called a "star-to-star" book!)  These colorful stars are the actual stars in the sky which make up the constellation.  The tinier white stars are the second part of the dot-to-dot and make up the pictures which represent what the constellation is named for.  On the picture above, you can see Andromeda, Antlia, and Apus.  Antlia was actually named in the mid-eighteenth century and is an air pump.

At the back of the book, you can find solutions and information about the constellations.

Here are some of the pages that we have completed.  You do have to be careful while connecting the stars as some of the stars from one constellation are rather close to the stars of others.  We've made a few boo-boo connections, but everything still turns out rather nicely.

This in not a book for the novice dot-to-dotter, but it is a fun activity to work on together with your kids.  The constellations just pop off the page, and it is very exciting to watch them form!  Plus, you can learn a little bit about them at the same time.

This is one of the activities that Ginny and I do while we listen to audio books at night before bed.  I will be posting about some of the other things we get up to during storytime in later posts.  And just so you know, Ginny is 14 but still enjoys stories and arts & crafts.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Valentine's Day Mini Books Have Arrived!

 The Puzzle Den - Valentine's Day mini book for Kinders

I'm still working on the last page for grades 2-6, but Kinders and First Graders are ready and live in my store!

And I have a little gift for everyone...each puzzle pack will be FREE for the first two days after they are posted!  Just click on the pictures and head over to Teachers Pay Teachers to download your copies.

 The Puzzle Den - Valentine's Day mini-book for First Graders

Keep watching The Puzzle Den store for the next puzzle sets to arrive.  I will also try to post here on the blog as I get them loaded up.  They will all be free for two days after posting.  If you haven't tried a puzzle mini-book before, now's your chance! 

This is also a great opportunity for homeschoolers to snag all the grade levels they need too!  I know that many of you have children in a wide variety of grades and at the normal price ($3.00 each) that would get very expensive.  So grab them up while they're free and enjoy them with your kids!


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